Lost Womens

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April 05, 2022 – April 12, 2022


Magic Eden



LostWomens is a unique generative art collection of 999 NFTs on the Solana network. Its goal is to become a well-established brand with a strong supportive community of holders. They aim to achieve this goal by opening a Web 3.0 merch store which will eventually expand into physical retail stores.

The team consists of 3 individuals: an artist, a marketing director and a project manager. 

The utility: LostWomens will be distributing the majority of royalties and 50% of its revenue from their online merch store directly to its holders. Holders will also be granted a discount to all products in the store and have access to future airdrops of 333 LostMens to holders, which will expand on their ecosystem and utility also 500 3D collection in the future.

After their mint, the majority of the funds will be distributed back into project development and team expansion as they begin to scale their Web 3.0 store and appeal to individuals outside of the crypto space. 

The project has only just launched a week ago and has been accepted for incubation by the nft_GODz. Over the coming months, they will help the team further flesh out their roadmap, establish a long-term game plan, ensure sustainability of their tokenomics, and introduce them to partners in the space. and MYTH will also have utility on their merch store. 

Launching via GODz incubator June-July 2022.


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