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April 05, 2022 – April 12, 2022


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About SuperSol:

SuperSol is the next step in launchpad development to enable future NFT artists/creators to easily develop and market their NFT projects.

The business NFT and IDO platforms running in the world of Solana combine a unique launchpad model. NFT holders can incubate, fund and launch the most promising projects across NFT artists.

Vision SuperSol:

When the solana ecosystem is growing rapidly. We are seeing more and more nft projects which are expected to appear out of nowhere, but the artists are finding it very difficult to market their nft or even to grow in the solana ecosystem.

With SuperSol, we want to help NFT creators/artists grow and make their projects big. SuperSol offers a secure platform where the community is in complete control over the pre-sale of the project.

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