Logo pollution

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July 01, 2022 – July 08, 2022





The human societies/identities in the contemporary landscape are way more complex than the ones formed by the earlier generations. People today derive their inspiration/sense of self and identity from more of the external sources than from within or closely knit belief systems. The man today, is a compilation of what they consume either visually, virtually or physically. The current situation is an aftermath of a free market economy leading to a culture of scarcity. In this era, you are no one/you hold no identity unless you are/feel associated with a certain brand that forms your identity and survival in this increasingly consumption based global community. The Logo Pollution, a series of visuals/animations reflects the very hollowness of the recent man who heavily depends on his association with consumption. *The 20% of the sale money/profit for this artwork will be given to Medical Aid, UK’s primary charity working exclusively on healthcare initiatives in Pakistan.

Tags: #art

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