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January 20, 2023 – January 27, 2023





LightningWorks is a Web3 comic book company with a live FPS, play-to-earn game titled Siege Worlds. This is our first interactive comic book called Siege Worlds Zero, which is based on the game and will update according to how the story unfolds in the comic. The game will be updated to match the Siege Worlds comic book story-line as future issues are released.

SWZero was drawn by artists from Marvel & DC and includes hidden easter eggs with weapons that are NFTs and can be used in the Siege Worlds game or sold in the secondary market on Open Sea.

SWZero is a DEFLATIONARY NFT by way of forging, which allows holders to burn multiple NFTs of the same rarity tier, to obtain a higher one.

In 2023, LightningWorks will be releasing its very own comic book creator app allowing you to create your very own NFT comics and weapons with the same technology we use to create our comics. Not only that, but you will be able to build a fanbase and sell your art, stories, and weapons through our Comic NFT Marketplace.

LightningWorks is led by Geoff McCabe, the founder of Divi cryptocurrency, which has been around since 2017 and is the exclusive crypto wallet for La Liga, the second-biggest professional football league in the world.

LightningWorks CEO is Jordan Fiksenbaum, the former head of marketing for Cirque du Soleil, and has over $5 billion in ticket sales under his leadership.

LightningWorks has EIGHT original comic books under production, with a dozen more scripts being written.

Our first NFT collection sold out in 24 hours despite launching in the same week as the FTX debacle.

For further details visit us at, join our Discord and follow @lightningworks7 on all social media platforms.

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