Laurel & Hardy

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November 28, 2022 – December 05, 2022





Laurel & Hardy - Way Out West 1937

A dream come true - officially licensed Laurel and Hardy content on the blockchain. Stanley and Ollie are hired to bring a deed to a small village gold mine. When this deed is stolen, things begin to escalate...

555 one-of-a-kind collectibles tell the story of the film from beginning to end.

Every camera shot a piece of art. Just imagine owning a piece of a movie with a likeness of a brush stroke of the Mona Lisa!

Each MovieShot has a special and carefully selected set of properties that are selected by professional filmmakers with passion and love. Timecode, ScreenTime and a manually chosen frame represents your individual part of the movie. The entire movie has been edited into unique MovieShots.

This is proof of hard work. A token backed by filmmaking. Each MovieShot comes with a ScreenTime. This shows exactly how many seconds of the movie are yours. The grand sum of all MovieShots represent the complete movie in the blockchain.

Let's connect the movie industry, filmmakers, movie fans and collectors all together as one!

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Our Values: Love for film and series, Quality, Community and building bridges.

MovieShots. The future of Movie Collectibles.




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