Kogake Carbon

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June 30, 2022 – July 07, 2022





Kogake Carbon consists of 5,555 generative C-22 mech’s that are locked and loaded in preparation for the upcoming TOKE wars. Kogake Carbon’s do not possess a roadmap of merch, charity, raffles and other gimmicks; they only yield a battle plan to enter the TOKE wars.

80% of the mint cost will go into a treasury (no like a REAL protocol treasury) that's sole purpose is to obtain TOKE. Kogake Carbon aims to assist in the battle of liquidity by creating a single asset treasury that only acquires and holds TOKE in support of our brothers in the battle over liquidity. Our war strategy is simple:

War Strategy:

Mint 5,555 Kogake Carbon NFT’s

Launch CarbonCore protocol

Go brrrrrrr

(The remaining 20% will cover development cost)

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