Knights Who Say Nah: Greek Warrior

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March 22, 2023 – March 29, 2023





Culture II: Greek Warriors. Minting on March 22nd @ 12pm PT!

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The Knights Who Say Nah is a multi-faceted NFT project that strives to democratize access to ancient artifacts and preserve cultural heritage through ambitious preservation and storytelling. They currently own the largest private collection of ancient arms & armor in the world, and are digitizing their artifacts as high res 3D NFTs. They plan to preserve culture by donating ancient artifacts to their rightful owners/museums, building out the stories of each culture through in-depth lore, and enable shared governance over their physical artifacts.

They will have 4 culture drops of 1111 Knights, each representing a different ancient warrior culture. Each drop will include a limited release of 2D collectible avatars and then an extremely limited supply of 3D collectible artifact NFT's that pertain to that culture. The avatar collections are your access into the Knights universe and enable you to collect many of their limited 3D historical artifacts for free.

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