Kevin The Monkey

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April 19, 2022 – April 20, 2022





On 19th April, you can become Kevin The Monkey's music manager by adopting him in his first NFT collection.

Kevin The Monkey’s first single just so happens to be the most played song on the internet, “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”, written by legendary composer Kevin MacLeod. MacLeod has entrusted Kevin The Monkey to be the artist and public face of the song.

As managers of Kevin The Monkey, you will make key business & creative decisions in our forthcoming DAO.

Managers will be rewarded for their hard work. As a management commission, 20% of Kevin The Monkey’s earnings from NFT sales will be safely stored in a treasury. When Kevin The Monkey reaches high goals (like 200 billion plays on TikTok, currently 140 billion), the treasury will buy back a proportion of Kevin The Monkey NFTs and burn them. This will shrink the supply, giving the manager greater influence in the overall collection.

Kevin The Monkey will lead you on a musical odyssey one note at a time, becoming a virtual recording artist and a serial collaborator with some of the world’s most talented songwriters, artists and producers. His first collaboration will be a remix with world-renowned music duo Disclosure.

Right now, streaming royalty payouts to songwriters are at an all-time low. Kevin The Monkey will stand up for the entire songwriting community and pay equal royalties to master and publishing rights holders.

Probably nothing, right?

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