Italian Shiba #1101 to #1200

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February 04, 2022 – February 11, 2022





10’000 different and unique NFT pieces

The first 1’000 uploaded immediately, the other uploaded in groups of 100, once a week.

Every NFT has unique features: backgrounds, shibas, hats, glasses, mouths: every combination is unique. As everyone has his own defect, also shibas have defects: double glasses, asymmetrical faces, not everybody is perfect, not every shiba is perfect!

From Rome to Turin, from Pompeii to the beautiful Sardinia, our shibas love to travel. You can find them near the leaning tower of Pisa or in front of the amazing Trevis’s Fountain in Rome, like in a Federico Fellini’s movie. Some of them are true patriots and love to proudly show the ‘tricolore’, our national flag, or ‘lo stivale’ (the boot), our charateristic peninsula. And how could we forget the most iconic scooter in the world? Some shibas are waiting you in front of a Piaggio Vespa, ready to take you on a road trip around the most beautiful country in the world.

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