Island Journey

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May 27, 2023 – June 03, 2023



Island Journey is a 1/1 PFPs, trading cards, and board game project on the SUI network, created by two artists with the intention of delivering exciting and intriguing art to collectors who love Trading cards and board games. We have a rough plan for 2023 as follows:

ACT 1: 'Who is Islanders?' will introduce 45+ PFPs Islanders pieces and 45+ Islander cards. Collectors will be able to purchase physical card collection after the completion of ACT 1.
ACT 2: 'My Weapons!' will focus on introducing equipable cards for islanders.
ACT 3: 'Island Events!' aims to increase the challenge of the board game, we need event cards that pose challenges for the players.
ACT 4: 'Time to Board Game', it's time to design the board game. Collectors will have the opportunity to provide their input on the direction of the board game creation within our Discord community.

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