Invasion of Wombat Legion

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January 15, 2022 – January 22, 2022


Magic Eden



About Invasion of Wombat Legion
Wombats are very cool and cute animals aren't they? Now you can become the owner of one of 10,000 wombats! 
Invasion of Wombat Legion is a collection of unique 10000 NFT with cool rarity system.
All the money from mint will be invested in future projects!


• 10000 NFT

• 319 accessories

• Only 10 unique secret NFT

• 5 types of rarity

• 1% royalty

• 100 NFT are reserved for airdrops (99 default and 1 secret)

About Freem

We are a team of two the most common crypto-enthusiasts from Ukraine!

Our path began with cryptocurrencies, after which we learned about NTF and decided to try ourselves in this direction.

We are not programmers, professional artists or investors, we don't have a lot of money.

 Main aims of our project:

• First of all, gather a community of like-minded people, together with whom we can implement our plans and earn money. Our community will receive a huge amount of advantage in future projects.

• To give YOU an opportunity to earn money.

• Collect money for several cool unique NFT projects, which are not yet available anywhere, you can read about them in our discord server or in roadmap in this website.
• Do a charity donations.



Tags: #art

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