Illuminati Owls

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June 23, 2022 – June 30, 2022




Illuminati Owls is a collection of 6,333 avatar NFT’s coming to Ethereum on June 28th.

Participate in an interactive story where you can be the hero. Unlock Higher Dimensions, solve an ancient mystery, and free the Reptilians!
Collect all 6 Artifacts - Collect artifacts for a chance to win 10 Eth. Each minted Owl will be airdropped 1 artifact. Earn artifacts for holding Owls or find them using clues in your Owl Nest

Owl Nest - A Page that displays your Owls, backstory for each owl type you own, and clues to finding and collecting more artifacts. Updated 2x per week

Higher Dimensions - Artifacts can be used to mint the Higher Dimensions set coming in mid July. The HD set will tie into the story and be necessary for completing missions and earning rewards paid in ETH.
3 artifacts = 1 mint

Diamond in the Rough - Mint the one and only Diamond in the Rough Owl and win 10 ETH...Mint 1 of 10 Hidden Gem Owls and win 1 ETH

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