Ikusa Brand Activation

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June 27, 2022 – July 04, 2022





Ikusa is a WEB3 streetwear brand inspired by anime and high-fashion Japanese aesthetics. Actual, measurable, and authentic liquid advantages are the finest way to feel real worth. The benefits of shared ownership, transparency, and privacy, community as well as the enjoyment of those benefits, are at the heart of Web3. 

The majority of NFT projects are pursuing WEB3 in greater depth, which is fine. Whilst Ikusa is built on the fundamental philosophies, and a strong community in WEB3, its consumers will be targeted IRL (WEB2). Innovation is all about using existing technology to build a movement that can have a cultural impact. NFT ownership is a part of Web3 culture. Clothing for the streets is a true reflection of popular culture.

Ikusa's model is straightforward. Limited-edition streetwear offered to an unrestricted audience at specific times and in limited quantities. Only accepting payments through the WEB3 gateway, which encourages more engagement from WEB2 and draws visitors into the tunnel that connects WEB3 and WEB2. Their designs will never be duplicated, and WEB3 technology will be used to verify authenticity. 

Holders will gain unique access to collaborative streetwear drops, priority access to all streetwear drops, and the ability to quantify success on a brand level in real life with things like market adoption/penetration, revenue, product reach, plus much more. Ikusa will finally be able to continually enhance their product offering to their customers without dilution of their investors' holdings.


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