Hongkongers Under The Same Sky

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February 15, 2022 – February 22, 2022





Giveaway (free mint) (15.2.2022): 

Hongkoners' sky 2022 #1-100: 100 tokens

Spirit of hong kong #85201: 23 token

Public launch (28.2.2022): 

Spirit of hong kong #85201: 77 token

Floor price: 

0.015 eth (hongkoners' sky 2022 #1-100) 

0.030 eth (spirit of hong kong #85201)

The collection, “hongkongers under the same sky”

The series, “hongkongers’ sky 2022 #1-100”

This photo series, a collage of 100 snapshots of the sky taken simultaneously at 0:00 (gmt+10) on 1st january 2022, is co-created by 100 hongkongers around the world, including the uk, us, canada, australia, taiwan, thailand, malaysia, singapore, etc. Each photo shows the creator’s alias, age, location and occupation when they were in hong kong. It records the creators' hidden stories about their nostalgic feelings and passion for hong kong.

The collage, “spirit of hong kong #85201”

The 100 snapshots are collaged into the shape of the lion rock, the most iconic peak in hong kong, to disseminate the values of democracy and preserve the history of the second massive migration movement since 1997 in the midst of drastic changes in hong kong in recent years. It is produced in a resolution of 3600 x 3600 pixels at 500dpi.

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