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September 18, 2022 – September 25, 2022





We are hazard boys our invention is the first project on opensea to offer a new collection every phase of the project what we are about we like art and we enjoy the process of creating and improving our project, because of this we thought it would be a great idea to continuously develop our project with every phase dropping a new collection with a different themed hazard boy, same base character but with major changes to the style and the quality of the art. . 22 why join our protect our project just like any other project is very much community based, we listen to our friends, fellow hazard boy hunters but we also want your input to suit your unique requirements, which is why our project is great with the variety of collections per phases we can diversify the designs and personalise characters to the likings of the community, to the likings of you. Head over to the 'suggestions' room and tell us your ideas, wishes, improvements we can make, and what you would like to see from us in the near future. This is how we become a group, a family, an empire! Nm about hazard boys the nfts themselves are alien based characters with human like attributes, clothes and disguises to blend in with the human culture due to their crash landing in roswell, new u mexico. To get the full story, head over to the story room and enjoy. 

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