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January 09, 2022 – January 16, 2022





Q4 2021 - Background data cards
background card photo
Mint this your background data card into your ethereum wallet for 10 MATIC + GAS
 base64 format
Sharing same pool with MetaInfoCard, LIMIT 2000
Q1 2022 - Glitches
Mint this Glitch into your ethereum wallet for 10 MATIC + GAS
base64 format
 Each project share same pool limit of above
Q2 2022 - URimg
Your image of up to 512x512 pixels, you can pixeliate it and write aout it into your data storage in blockchain or send it without attributes
Save your own image file into blockchain. probably will be limited to some pixel length: 1080px?
Token limit increated to 4000
Q3 2022 - Upcoming events
Special NFTs release and available on Market. Collaboration with an Exclusive Partnership.

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