Ghost in Town

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October 15, 2022 – October 22, 2022





Do you like goosebumps or ghostbusters and shivers down your back? Well then, this is your kind of stuff. This game will be filled with ghosts and ghost stories. That's the inspiration behind this game.  We also love web3 and NFTs. The ghost in town project born with these ideas. You choose to be a ghost or a hunter in the game. You can form a team of up to 4 with your friends or other ghosts/hunters. Either be a ghost watching and escaping hunters, or be a hunter who uses equipment such as a Ouija Board, Salt, EMF Reader, Motion Sensors, UV Flashlight, Spirit Box and more to hunt the ghosts. By holding one of the NFTs in our collection you will have an access ticket to our Web3 game. Our game has in-game perks. You will have access to special events and game modes and more! Your NFT Ghost will record your progress. 

Completing objectives and gathering evidence provide a payout; complete as much as possible to level up, unlock maps and difficulties, and earn coins. Your NFT ghost will record your activities and progress. If you sell your NFT, you will pass all your powers to the new owner of the NFT. Each NFT comes with different ghost/hunter powers according to its characteristics. 10000 Hunter NFTs will also be available soon!

We are at the beginning of the development process. We are creating an MMORPG game using web3 technologies! It will be a RuneScape Web3 Blockchain Game. We are using Unity, Moralis and Photon.We will have alpha, beta tests before final release. This will be approximately at the end of 2022. We are planning to release our first version in February 2023.  On 22.09.2022 we started to build our community. Our first whitelist members will always be in our top priority list for every giveaway. WL members will have a chance to get Free Minting on 15th October. We are planning to start giving NFTs to the public from lower prices and increase x2 every week.

Please also visit our twitter, discord and web page to get more info about our game and NFTs.

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