Geishas Gardens

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February 21, 2023 – February 28, 2023





Our genesis collection “Geishas & Gardens” consists of 4444 fictional female character portraits, all of which are randomly generated on-chain pixelated digital artworks, composed of +500 detailed, complex and diverse set of hand-drawn assets including an immense variety of magical items and garments, placed inside nature-themed, spooky or enchanted settings.

The characters are divided into 2 factions and 7 categories.
The lore of G&G begins with the magical spirits called “Yōkai” who travel through inter-dimensional portals and spread throughout the land. The Yōkai aim to conquer the Enchanted Forest, where Geishas lived peacefully. As they prepare for their invasion, the Yōkai start by possessing small groups of Geishas and turning them into mindless vessels known as “Tsukimono.” The common people are split, with some supporting the Geishas and others joining the Tsukimono. The G&G collection is balanced, with half being the treacherous Tsukimono and the other half being brave Geishas trying to protect the Enchanted Forest.

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