Fury Bandits

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January 11, 2022 – January 14, 2022





Fury Bandits is a collection of 8,888 algorithmically, randomly and uniquely generated NFTs, that are above all else: super f*cking cute. Our team's mission is to build a community of NFT evangelists who want to better understand and improve their NFT portfolio. To do this, we’ll work closely with our community to build tools that make owning, analyzing and understanding NFTs easier.

While our NFT’s might be the cutest thing you’ve seen all week, we recognize that the evolving NFT community deserves more than cuteness-on-demand, and we see our key differentiator being our upcoming Fury Bandit initiatives: 

Bandits Heist

Skill-based competitions exclusively available for Fury Bandit holders, enabling our holders to shape what projects and utility Fury Bandits builds and win real prizes (unlike every twitter giveaway).


Fury Bandit’s initiative to provide real utility by building tools and analytics for our NFT holders, giving them a leg up within the ecosystem. Our first projects [Confidentially] will be:

  • A portfolio tracker to provide real-time analytics and insights 

  • An end-to-end art generator for artists to create collections with no technical skills.

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