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March 31, 2022 – April 07, 2022





What are Fungize ?
Fungize are full of colour & personality! They live in undiscovered areas of the wild and live to be Minted Mushrooms! 
Hand Drawn and Animated by an Artist with 10 years + experience in Game Design, games of which generate over $100 Million in sales across international clients. 

We are a community focussed project with an organic roadmap and pledge to be climate positive. Just one way of doing this is that for every NFT, we’ll plant a Tree.
Long term we will invest in NFT worlds which will generate $wrld income for our NFT holders. The more NFTs you hold / the rarer your Fungize - the more $wrld you earn! 

Join our Discord to chat to our fast growing, friendly community. Earn Mush Money in our Discord to play our Casino Games & checkout our Store! 
Mush Love!

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