Fun Time Party Bois

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January 18, 2022 – January 20, 2022





The Fun Time Party Bois are arriving and ready to be minted on Ethyrium’s Polygon (Matic) network, and slated to become one of 2022’s top 20 NFT drops on Polygon. Polygon’s eco-friendly and no gas fees make for a guaranteed good time that’s still compatible with Ethyrium connected networks and supported by OpenSea. 

A collection of 10,000 AI-generated, randomized collections of digitally hand-drawn features, these Fun Time Party Bois are here for a good time.

Party Bois make friends! All Party Boi NFT holders for more than 30 days will receive a free NFT from our next drop.

Presale will be available drops Feb. 21 and limited to 500 Party Bois at 50 Matic
Early Bird drops Feb. 23 and limited to 2000 Party Bois at 66 Matic.
Public Sale drops Feb 25 and limited to 7250 Party Bois at 100 Matic.

All drops are limited time only and minting on
There’s no whitelist and no codes for this, so get yours early before they sell out!

Why Did We Choose to List on Polygon?

Fun Time Party Bois drops were made possible by the Polygon Network. The GAS costs are lower than Ethereum which allows us to save money. Also, transaction speeds are faster. Polygon is much faster than Ethereum, which can cost thousands of dollars and take several hours to send.

OpenSea has published informative articles about how transfer Ethereum from the Ethereum-Polygon network as well how switch to other networks.You can still buy, sell or transfer your NFT on OpenSea. You’ll receive a prompt asking if you’d like to transfer your ETH from the Ethereum network into the Polygon network.

Easy as playing a round of pong!

How To Get Your Fun Time Party Boi NFT

Head over to The Fun Time Party Bois or follow us on Twitter or Discord for updates and reminders, and to join the community.
See you at the party! 

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