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January 20, 2022 – January 27, 2022



Frontera is an up-and-coming NFT metaverse game where users can not only own NFTs but also level up, evolve them, and engage in battle vs bots and other players. Frontera also allows players to monetize their gaming experience by offering various play-to-earn mechanisms, staking, and an in-house marketplace. For in-game transactions, it will utilise the $TOKO token, which is the native token of Tokoin, an established partner of Frontera which is listed on the global top 5 exchange KuCoin.

If you want to play FRONTERA, you must have a Mecha (aka character). You can buy these Mechas (in the form of NFTs) through our pre-sale/public sale. These NFTs can then be used in-game to earn the $TOKO token.

Mint Price: 0,055 BNB or 555 $TOKO (get 25% using $TOKO)
Frontera is built on Binance Smart Chain Network.

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