Frog Commander

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August 06, 2022 – August 13, 2022





This project is based on an original acrylic painting I created of a Red-eyed Tree Frog which is found in the Costa Rican rainforest jungle ecosystem. This NFT collection features animated and still editions. The animated editions include the soothing and healing sounds of the living jungle. 10% of the remaining earnings go to help fund nature conservancy at Tiskita Lodge in Punta Banco, Costa Rica.

The Frog Commander NFT Collection has 4 Editions consisting of a total of 34 pieces of digital fine art:

• Edition 1 - One rare, fully animated art piece with ambient lighting & jungle sounds.

• Edition 2 - Exclusive to 3 art pieces that are fully animated including jungle sounds.

• Edition 3 - Exclusive to 10 art pieces with slight animated movements & jungle sounds.

• Edition 4 - Exclusive to 20 art pieces of the frog as a still digital image file.


We all love to make a difference in the world and belong to a group that is like-minded. This NFT provides exclusive access to our Discord, Metaverse Art Gallery while making a positive difference for nature conservancy.

• So, 10% of the remaining earnings from this collection will be donated to nature conservancy projects at Tiskita Lodge ( located in Punta Banco, Costa Rica. Tiskita Lodge is world renowned for nature conservancy initiatives, efforts, and collaborations. They privately manage a pristine tropical jungle biological preserve consisting of 800 acres along Costa Rica’s southern Pacific Coast. A new wildlife area within the preserve will be established and dedicated to the Frog Commander NFT project to provide homes for many endemic jungle animals. The project’s conservation efforts results will be documented on this page. Photos, videos, growth, and application of the project’s funding will be updated accordingly. Updates will be shared on social. The more times each NFT from this project is sold and resold, the better we are able to help make a positive difference for nature.

• The Arsen Art Studio Discord and Metaverse Gallery is live on and is a place for our virtual community to receive exclusive offers, check out and discuss my upcoming NFT art, nature conservation, collaborations, connect with like-minded people, and more.

Thank you for viewing this NFT project. If you love art and want to make a difference by helping nature and supporting my creativity, join in on this fun and beneficial adventure.

Frog Commander NFT Project Inspiration

The jungle has been my paradise on Earth and the Garden of Eden. I have always daydreamed of living immersed in a tropical rainforest somewhere far from the world creating what the natural energy translated through me. Like Paul Gaugin in Tahiti, I found myself almost in my 50s living in the remote and small jungle village of Pavones, Costa Rica. Not alone but with my world, two young children, and a beautiful wife and best friend of 26 years. We found our happy place surrounded by 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Howler monkeys are howling somewhere nearby as I write this…LOL. We love nature and wildlife. I love to capture and document it in fine art with paint, photos, mixed media, and digital art. This NFT collection is the culmination of my love of nature and passion to share it with the world in a different way…my way.

I want this living art NFT to capture the collector’s imagination and immerse them into the jungle world with me. Let’s sit quietly as we listen to what nature has to teach us through its beautiful visual and audible symphony of healing energy. When the original was being painted I chose to listen to and feel everything that the jungle vibrated. That vibration drove my being, every thought, and brush stroke. As the layers and colors elevated so did the energy captured in the completed original painting.

The digital version is a different piece of art from the original. The new composition focuses the attention on the frog. This allows for various aspects of the art to be brought to life. I want the collector to lose themselves in this piece and mentally drift away deep into the jungle for a moment of contemplation, tranquility, and healing.

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