FREE #numbers NFT Items Release

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September 19, 2021 – September 24, 2021






# What is Numbers NFT collection? 🤔

Numbers NFT collection is a unique digital asset collection of numbers from #1 to #9999 issued on a blockchain.

Those NFTs are permanent, cannot be replicated, and counterfeited 💪 You can easily prove the ownership through the blockchain.

# Why should I grab one?

Owning NFT from the Numbers collection means you own the number. No one else can have it. It grants you membership in a very elite club 🏦

Club members get free stuff and earn crypto on "play to earn" numbers game 🤭

# When can I get them?

Numbers NFT starts to be available on Thursday, September 23 🗓 The exact time will be published on Twitter.

# Where?

Numbers will be published on OpenSea, Polygone blockchain to keep gas fees low ⚙️

# Can I get Numbers NFT for FREE?

Yes! Every number has a different price, but some numbers cost only 1 WEI so practically FREE 🥰

When we start, there will be a new number created every 30 seconds. Follow me on Twitter to learn when a FREE number is created and grab it before others do 🏎 Alternatively, watch for new numbers on the OpenSea collection page to catch those with lowest prices 💡

# Anything else?

Yes! 888 ETH is hidden in one of the numbers 🤩 Yes, you got it right! If you own the lucky number, you get 888 ETH - equivalent to more than $3 million USD! 💵💵💵

# How is the lucky number picked?

When all numbers have their new owners, a smart contract runs and picks one number from #1 to #9999. Smart contract guarantees:
- No cheating - it's impossible to cheat 👮‍♂️
- Fairness - every number has the same chance to be picked ⚖️
- Transparency - everyone can see contract code 👥

# What's next?

Follow me on Twitter or email me, and on Thursday, September 23, I'll let you know exactly when it starts

Good Luck,
Carl Gauss

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