F_ck people, Be rich

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April 26, 2022 – May 03, 2022





"Fuck people, Be rich" is a collection created to show people that everything a person said about dreams and goals has been fulfilled, ''dreams and goals''.

Is a collection of real photos that demonstrates and teaches that everything is possible.

The photos are updated according to the goals and dreams fulfilled, to see the activity I recommend follow my instagram on my official account and the collection! @andreiduturogoza (+163K)

The project network is polygon , for the investors in this project I would like to choose people and change their lives by teaching them financial knowledge and continuing to show that everything is possible.

• Charity work by distributing more than $100,000 in food on the people of street.

• You help to silence those who say that everything is luck and nothing is possible!

• The Investor will recive an exclusive NFT about fulfilled dream.

• The value will grow according the dream or goal!

Know more about my story in my official website, you will understand why I do this!

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