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June 16, 2022 – June 23, 2022





Your life is falling apart, FOMO and FUD all around, gas prices at 600 gwei, Crypto crashing, personal life in the Shitter, McDonalds job application is OOS, and all your NFTs are worth zero. This is the home you have been looking for. We are a meme with a plan

6969 Dumpster Fires. CC0, Metaverse and AR ready 

We are here to help those who have infinite regret, those who aped in too early, held too long.  We are here to turn your trash into treasure…..the garbage NFTs in your wallet into points, in our Dumpster Diving Games.   NO STAKING NEEDED (who needs supply shock when demand is zero?!) Just put your worthless NFTs out on TRASH DAY and rack up those points on our Recycleboards. Compete to be the hottest dumpster fire and maybe you really will find treasure (actual ETH) via weekly contests, games and raffles, or maybe not cause after all we aren't a ponzi scheme and our dumpsters don't have raid parties.  

We partner with good projects that have lost their way, had a tough launch, or where collectors just moved on.  Once considered trash, our goal is to recycle these projects back into treasure by bringing attention and hopefully some sales via our Dumpster diving games 

Team is doxed, mostly. Experienced, kinda.

Mint: June 16 2022

Angel Labs (Meta Angels Incubator) first project, and a 333 team!


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