Enik the Altrusian LOTL

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September 20, 2022 – September 27, 2022


Async Art



Enik the Altrusian LOTL - Tewz Rock x Sucklord (Music NFT) Drops Tues Sept 20th!! on Async.Art

There are 130 Art x Music Variations + 2 Legendary Editions!!?

The mint Drops Tues Sept 20th @ 7/9am ((SOUND ON))



Enik the Altrusian is an intelligent predecessor to the Sleestak that live throughout the Land of the Lost. Altrusians are an ancient alien race who created the Land of the Lost. They later, "devolved" into creatures referred to by the name, Sleestak. Enik is a member of their earlier, more advanced form.


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