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Async Art is a decentralized marketplace for programmable art leveraging blockchain technology. Instead of a single, smart contract, this platform users rely on assets to create, trade and collect programmable art. The arts, which are digital paintings, are made up of Layers that evolve. The layers react and change as per the token owner or by following a stock price. The platform was launched in 2020 by Conlan Rios, who is also the CEO.

Each of the art pieces on the Async Art platform consists of Master composite and Layer images. The Master and the Layers are separate NFTs. The Master is made up of a single composition of dynamic artwork. The Layers are all visual elements making the layers are individual creation parts of the artist. Therefore their number depends on the artist. Each of the Layers has a unique ability that is determined by the specific artist creating the art. Some of the capabilities include changes in color, scale, state, rotation, opacity. Layer NFT owners have exclusive control over their abilities and make Layer changes altering the visual look of the Master. Therefore, when a collector purchases a Layer NFT, they directly influence the artists' work by changing it to fit a particular state of their liking.

Async Art allows Artists to utilize the programmable tools to create highly dynamic works. After acquiring a particular artwork, an Artist adds their touch to it and makes it even better. Some Artists experiment with creating autonomous artworks making the art change based on specific sources of information. For instance, there are time-based NFT artworks that change depending on the cycles of day and night. Other arts are changed by special events, e.g., Bitcoin price fluctuations or events like birthday celebrations.

Async Art is based on the Ethereum Blockchain for security, scalability, and future development. Artworks from the platform are auctioned on different auction houses which have been partners. To prompt the adoption of their artwork by auction houses, Async Art uses the browser Tab Extension to showcase their artworks. Also, they use an Apple TV app to display works on larger screens. Recently, the platform is focusing on expanding the programmable tool to other forms of artists, e.g., musicians. Programmable music works in the same way as programmable art. It has many pieces, and each piece is composed of a single Master Track NFT and multiple Stem NFTs. Stem NFTs are used in the same way as the Layer NFTs. They alter what the Master Tracks look and sound like.

There are essential highlights on the platform's website

  • Gallery- outlines which artworks are open for the bid and how much is the starting offer. A user can filter them based on release time, new and old, and
  • Featured- the section shows the upcoming events to the platform, promotions, and new features.
  • More-This section provides more information that is of help to a user, i.e., display, blog contact, and support.

By employing the programmable tools, Async users purchase both Masters and Layers. The updated input depends on the input of the owner to the layer. After buying a Layer, Collectors have exclusive control to affect their favorite artists' work. Artists decide the parameters of their art and grant complete control to a new aspect from individual collectors. The collectors' imagination changes the whole or part of the art, creating something new, better, and art with the collectors' aspects. The platform relies on the community of creators and collectors and is open to any interested individual.

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