Elite 9090 NFT Drop

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November 09, 2021 – November 10, 2021





After months of endless working to bring the Elite Agent and mob into Metaverse to stan the rights and bring peace to the Metaverse world against the Global Elites that are already monopoly the world of the Metaverse. Elite 9090 is a unique programmatically generated art from more than 300+ traits, that will be live in Ethereum blockchain and Metaverse. Our goal is to extend the utility of the use-case of every NFTs and you as the holders will have the rights IP ( Intelectual Property ) and any royalties of your NFTs from any commercial uses such as but not limited to video game, film, or animation, advertising, and publishing. Play2Earn? yes we are planning the metaverse decentralized game in our roadmap 2.0 Elite 9090 targets for roadmap 1.0 will be

1. Make a Metaverse meeting for all agents at Decentraland including the wearable item.

2. Short series animation that will have a mystery drop for the NFTs Elite9090 picked as the character.

3. Exclusive membership perks ( details will be shared later on ).

4. Any giveaway for our milestone.

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