Electric Eagles

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April 13, 2022 – April 20, 2022





Meet the Electric Eagles. An NFT project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

A geologist is mining for minerals on a large rock formation, when a flash storm occurs. He finds shelter under a tree, and sees an eagle flying overhead. Suddenly a lightening bolt tears through the sky, striking through the eagle, and into the pile of minerals that the geologist had collected. The subsequent crack of thunder and the shrill screech of the eagle sends the geologist to the ground. The eagle crashes upon the minerals and begins to glow along with the super charged minerals. The geologist hears a ping from his laptop and opens it. It’s a message. It’s from the eagle… ”Download me…”

These birds with attitude have been electrified by crypto and have either devolved into zombies, vampires and vultures, or evolved into aliens and other meta beings. They are fully charged and ready to rock your blocks off!

13,000 wagmi certified, code generated eagles are hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. A well crafted rarity structure along with endearing pixel pop art will make this a collector's favorite!





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