"Droidheads: Collection 7902"

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March 01, 2022 – March 08, 2022






It’s 2053 and humans have become the minority as a surge of replicants enter the workforce. Opportunistic droid companies are rampant but no public or private company possesses more power than Droidheads, the media outlet that has been covering the devolution of humanity since the 2020’s.

As part of this shift from humanity to a replicant ran world, a group of naturalists band together to release an experimental line of cause based droids. These droids were originally designed to make the shift seamless by focusing on projects designed to make community and the planet healthier. This release starts with the parts and plans which serve as the seed for a more balanced population of replicants and humans.

deliverable: droid-heads with rewired frame and positronic brain.

Supply: 2500

Mint Price: .1337 ETH

Fair launch, No WL

Reveal: 48 hours after selling out or a week from launch.


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