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May 14, 2022 – May 21, 2022





Presale: 0.08 ETH

Public: 0.1 ETH

Volume: 2,000

DragonForge is a collaborative story that will become an animated series. Our mission is to create a Web3 native animation studio that produces creator-owned content. As a Dragon owner you hold the Genesis collection of our company and you will have the best benefits!

—> Community World Building

—> Commercial rights to your Dragon NFT(s)

—> First access to all our content

—> Chance for special credit in the series

—> Exclusive events & voting

—> Community creator fund

—> Access to the artist & creative team

—> An amazing community of creators & animation fans


"In the primordial code of the Metaverse, a powerful being was born. His name was Ohm and He oversaw the balance of power in this new World. He chose the likeness of a Dragon and created a peaceful realm populated by His children. As the Metaverse grew so did the evil which sought to control it. Then suddenly, Ohm disappeared. Without Him the balance was lost and greedy tyrants closed in. Determined to save their World, The Dragons formed an alliance of three guilds known as the DragonForge Chronicles..."

With your help, their story will forever be inscribed on the Blockchain.

Join the Quest to find Ohm before it's too late!

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