Dolphin Style

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December 18, 2022 – December 25, 2022





Welcome to Dolphin Style
Journeying from the Pacific to the Arctic, a pod of 3,333 Dolphin Styles splash in brisk-waved waters, hoping to find their way home. As the cold waves bubbled and dissolved, they found themselves floating in a digital Web3 ocean with their fins tipped with electric zest.

The unfamiliar ocean of Web3 was reminiscent of Atlantis, a hidden civilization decadent with beautiful castles, brave adventurers, and underwater secrets to uncover. As the dolphins explored its scenery, they discovered a treasure map tucked underneath a nearby anchor. Inked on its faded pages were a set of directions that would pinpoint to a hidden pirate ship party. Filled with curiosity, the dolphins began their journey in mapping out coordinates and seeking new friends.

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