Digital Doll Collectors - DollBaby NFT

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August 20, 2022 – August 27, 2022





DDC’s DollBaby NFT 800 Doll Collection will be launching 8/20/22 on the Ethereum Blockchain at .08 Eth and currently through 8/18/22 Whitelist .04 Eth - Come and join the new World of Dolls gone Digital. It is the mission and goal of DDC to turn the whole world into Digital Doll Collectors one Doll Collection launch at a time. Beginning with this months launch of DollBaby NFT from the 12 Months Dolly Collection of which 11 more Doll Collections will follow each month. DDC will also be educating future Digital Doll Collectors on How To Create, Trade, Flip, Collect and Invest in Digital Doll Collections and the Future World of Doll Collecting. See you on the other side …

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