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September 06, 2022 – September 13, 2022



Mint date: 09/08/2022 (12:00 PM UTC)

Mint price: $300 (First Cross Chain NFT)

Utility: Access To Private Management and T/A Server. 

No.1 utility project in the entire NFT space currently across 20 chains! The First NFT that can be burnt and sent cross chain! By holding DefiOlio NFT, you will Gain exclusive lifetime access to a Private Management server with features such as:

NFT Management: Centralizing of all your NFTS across 20 chains to your HUB. Transfer between wallets for free. Discover Upcoming Projects, Whitelist all while getting the Data you need for the NFT’s we love!

Farms and Pools Management: Track and Manage your Farms and Pools across 20 chains. Track ROI and get accurate data on investments. Total values centralized to 1 location to allow users to fully understand their investments!

Borrow and Lending: Track and assess your profit/loss. Get accurate data on amount borrowed or lent to help keep investing easier. Monitor you analytical data with ease from your HUB!

Node Management: A Central location to track and claim your nodes across 20 chains! Your personal HUB will allow users to compound and sell tokens on the Local Swap! No longer having the need to switch from chain to chain or thru dozens of webpages. Manage your Nodes thru a sophisticated HUB!

Local Swap:  With a built in Swap choose your preferred Dex to make life easier. No extra transaction fees just an easier outlet for our users. Find what Dex you prefer per chain and Swap away with ease from your Central HUB!

Project Discovery: The perfect tool for those looking for up and coming projects or to learn about whats hot in Defi. Finding Projects and Communities to best help users maneuver in this space. With Teams such as Cracking Crypto and Cryptonairz and many more helping to bring users analytical data in true fashion. Users will get Live Updates on their personal HUB to keep them updated on their favorite Projects.

Event Calendar: Dont miss another Whitelist or payment with your personal Calendar. With access to a bot that notifies your account Defi is made easy. 

Multiple Wallet Tracking: Manage all of your wallets from you personal HUB!

Governance System: Users have full control of what features they want next. With a polling system all holders have say in what they want added. From Projects to New Features on the roadmap, have full control over your Personal HUB!

Live Support : Built in Knowledge base to help navigate users thru their HUB, with built in Live Chat for emergencies!

Project Wizard: Centralize all projects on 1 page

Phone App!

And More….

DefiOlio is on track to be the most unique project of 2022. Bringing Web3 many new features such as cross chain NFT’s and loads of utility. Defiolio will release their NFT across 6 chains. With the cross chain feature you can buy an NFT on Fantom and switch it to Binance with ease. This Private Server will be exclusive for NFT holders until the release of the subscription model. NFT holders will be included in Giveaways and first governance over the HUB and much more!

With the market being volatile investor are looking for projects that can sustain the bear market. Fortunately DefiOlio is centered around Utility and User Governance. Centralizing your assets to a sophisticated HUB brings crypto enthusiast a new way to Defi.

What To Expect:  For our release, not everything will be live, the system will be restricted, and we will enable each module every week or every other week. The reason for releasing our system in this manner is to better handle any and all issues that may or will occur due to a higher influx of traffic and any errors we did not think of. By releasing our system in this manner, we will be able to solve and attend to problems faster, providing a pleasant user experience. 

Special Access:  This will be exclusive access that will only be available for NFT holders. There will be several perks that will be included and will be constantly growing to add more value to our NFT collection. Below is a list of things that will initially be part of this system.

Beta Access (Users will get access to all new features 1–2 week prior to release)

Users will be able to provide feedback first hand before anyone without the NFTs

Priority Requests

NFT holders will be able to request specific chains to be added first and will have priority
NFT holders will be able to request specific projects to be added first and will have priority

Priority Support

Users will have the ability to get support on our system by us before non-NFT holders

Our Mission:  Our mission at Defiolio is to provide a centralized medium that not only aggregates all DeFi projects into a centralized location to view, manage, and discover. But also provide be user-friendly and streamlined user experience for both veterans and new users alike. Over time, we have evolved the project from just a basic tracking project to a multi-tool utility for all degens and investors. Which is something we are continuing to expand on.

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