Duckz Wit Attitudes - Minting

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September 04, 2022 – September 11, 2022


Magic Eden



Public Mint start! 
mint price is 1.4 SOL

What is D.W.A?
-The Worlds Most Dangerous Ducks-

Duckz Wit Attitude is 5,000 Collection of Duckz living on the Solana Blockchain. Over 100 hand drawn traits to make every Duck unique in its own way. The art depicts early 90’s hiphop / gang era with a modern day twist. The collection centers around 5 main characters that are leaders of the gang. Forcing a rebellion against the hierarchy and broke away from a gang syndicate on the quest to rule ‘The Pond’. Duckz Wit Attitudes - merging art, music and crypto into a one of a kind collection.

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