Dear Rooo Mutant Club

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January 10, 2024 – January 17, 2024







Dear Rooo Mutant Club is a collection of 5555 Unique NFTs with 726 hand-drawn traits - this collection lives on Ethereum Blockchain and is illustrated by a young digital artist Gani.

Gani's Story: "Hey there! My name is Gani. A young boy who believes Art belongs to Heart. I love Art the most but my parents are not. When I asked my parents to choose Art as my Career, they refused. Even my elder sisters did not support me. That time I felt sad, alone, and depressed.

Later, one day I sat on my bed and started judging myself like, "Is my decision Right or Wrong". Suddenly, a voice on my mind told me that "People are just Mocking it, Before Knowing It". So, don't fell on that trap. Just go for it what your heart feels is right. Because you are only the person who converts your ideas into real ones. So, leave all the shit things which are dragging you away from what you really believes and loves.

That voice changed me and given more confidence on me to build this beautiful collection. I didn't have any Team to build this beautiful collection, I'm the sole person who created this collection with 766 hand-drawn traits about 1076 hours of art work.

After this, I made one Promise to me. To support at least a few New and Upcoming artists who really need support. And I want to change some of the Indian parents' mindset on art by my success story in Art Journey.

In all over the world so many Girls still uneducated. Girls are pillars of this beautiful nature without girls there is no human race. "Education gives awareness. Awareness gives knowledge. With that knowledge they will build this world beautifully". I believe it 100%, if you believe in, support them. "I can't change all girls lives but I can change a few girls lives". 5% primary sales on my every collection donated to @Malala Fund.

Inspired Quote: "People are Just Mocking It, Before Knowing It".

Tags: #art

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