Editions #2 - Dancers on Rooftops

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May 16, 2023 – May 23, 2023





'Dancers on Rooftops' offers a subtle yet enticing perspective on what it means to dance upon metaphorical and literal cityscapes.

The concept of Home lies between our most basic need – shelter – and the enigmatic desire to animate space with movement, belonging and connection.

Dance, in almost all cultures, is the ecstatic exploration of how one inhabits their own body and how that body inhabits space. “Wherever there’s a rooftop, a dancer and a camera” - from London to the Middle East, Hopper explores the way bodies bring buildings to life, and vice versa, through the contrast between living, organic limbs and raw, exposed architecture. Hopper photographs with the awareness that beneath the rooftops lie houses, and within those walls, people living their lives in countless different configurations.

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