Daddy Longnecks

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June 27, 2022 – July 04, 2022





 A collection from Creepleton, Daddy Longnecks are 1000 unique hand-pixeled NFT's. 

*A distant cousin of Creepletons, Daddy Longnecks are an unintended creation by maniac scientist Dr. Turtonamakatalamin during an attempt to create a reproducing Creepleton. Creepletons are created from light and energy and do not breed. Dr. Turtonamakatalamin theorized if we could take DNA from a Creepleton and splice it with DNA of an Earthling than it might result in a Creepleton with Earthling reproduction traits. Unfortunately, he failed and never created a breeding Creepleton...however, he did accidentally create "Daddy Longnecks". Daddy Longnecks are an extremely rare breed with only 1000 in existence. They are friendly but can be dangerous; they are part human after all. 

*Holders will receive Airdrops specific to their Daddy Longneck and other Creepleton bonuses


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