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February 12, 2022 – February 19, 2022


Magic Eden



Gm Cyber Citizen, Welcome to the newest experiment on the Solana Blockchain, backed by a top team of NFT Collectors, Designers, Developers, Community Builders, And Artists.
CyberBloks is first and foremost a NFT Collection.
With a unique design that differentiates from all cartoon/animal/derivative pfp offer available on the NFT space.
CyberBloks gives back to all of its owners, on a daily basis.
The Council focused on ways to reward holders through daily utility tokens yield and weekly airdrops from the Royalty Fund. Holders get 50% of the weekly royalties, Minters get 75% (25% bonus).
CyberBloks is about finding the smartest citizens.
Take part in strategy mini-games inspired by successful games of the past. Earn more $BOLOKS and evolve your NFT to increase your daily yield. 

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