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February 21, 2022 – February 28, 2022



Loving pugs is inevitable, for this reazon we launch a collection of 1100 nft´s (there living in Polygon). Made by a pug lover who wants to include them in the metaverse with different bodies, hats and skins.
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Proyect for investors Profit:

Prices: 0- 05 = 0.2 ETH
Prices: 06- 200 = 0.009 ETH
Prices: 201- 400 = 0.03 ETH
Prices: 401- 600 = 0.06 ETH
Prices: 601- 800 = 0.09 ETH
Prices: 801- 1000 = 0.1 ETH
1001-1100 They will be given away through discord (raffle among the owners of some nft the day 28 March)
Road map
24/12/2021 Star crating Nft´s
26/01/2022 Set Up social Medias and Ownners beneffits
28/01/2022 Finish creating our 1100 Nft´s collection
30/01/2022 Create the collection and loading it in OpenSea
02/02/2022 Start Marketing and Schedule Giveaways
28/02/2022 Start minting in OpenSea
15/03/2022 Give Away of 100 CrazyPugs Nft´s between the owners for at least one CrazyPug of the collection
CrazyPugs Collection Sold out
Season II?
These are not a Crypto Punk nor Bored Ape but are better, they are Pugs 

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