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March 13, 2022 – March 20, 2022





FREE pumpkins for everyone!! Bid what you want - every bid will get accepted for a limited time!

Every Halloween Pumpkin is unique and so is every Crypto Pumpkin NFT. The CryptoPumpkin Genesis Edition was created originally in 2021 to celebrate Halloween.

There is a total of 5.555 Crypto Pumpkin NFTs, minted from October 2021 onwards.

Can you spot the rare ones? There are only a few full pirates (hat, sword and hook), and only some complete cheshire cats (body and ears).

Be part of one of the first ever Halloween NFT collections!

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and join our Discord for future updates and collections.

PS: create an offer for any price you would like to pay - for initial pumpkin sales EVERY offer will be accepted for ANY bid! (yes you read that right!)

Get your pumpkin today on:

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