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March 25, 2023 – April 01, 2023





Price: 0.06626 ETH
Collection size: 6,626 (17 1:1 legendary) 
Whitelist Active Dates: 2/26/23 - 3/22/23 (ends at 12:00am EST) 
Whitelist Early Access Sale: 3/24/24 (12:00am EST) - 3/25/22 (12:00am EST) 
Live Mint: 3/25/23 (12:00am EST)

CryptoPoofs is an NFT project with a strong focus on storytelling, aiming to create an ecosystem with utility in the digital metaverse and “in real life” (IRL) space. This project is inspired by science, space, discovery and the mysteries of the unknown.

The art direction for the Genesis Collection of CryptoPoofs was designed using a pixel vector dot matrix system, or “particles”. This is the first project we’re aware of to utilize this technique, which draws inspiration from particle physics, pixel art and ASCII art. This art direction can be seen throughout the project, beyond just the NFTs, through storytelling channels, PFP initiatives and more.

This project nods its head to science, pop culture and the NFT ecosystem. CryptoPoofs were given their name based on the idea that like many core principles of quantum mechanics, reality is never quite as it seems on the surface. While exploring new frontiers and expanding upon what’s possible, new things tend to Poof into existence along the way. This is chapter one of our story.

The Genesis Collection was created using a combination of 11 traits, with details available for review on our About Page []. There are a total of 6,626 unique CryptoPoofs, a number chosen with inspiration from Planck’s constant. Throughout the project, there are a number of other Easter Eggs with nods to science and physics.

Each CryptoPoof also contains a unique 1:1 trait, referred to as the “Quantum Particle”. This is represented as a metadata value for each NFT and is a HEX value. This trait is not visible in the artwork. With this trait embedded into the NFT, you can truly own a piece of science, with the knowledge that the metadata values were scientifically generated using true quantum random number generation. More details are available in our Whitepaper [].

CryptoPoofs will live on the Ethereum Blockchain, and minting will be available on our website [], managed in partnership with NiftyKit to offer our community a safe and reliable minting experience.

Each CryptoPoof minted from the Genesis Collection has been created using current compatibility standards for Web3, and immediately following the project launch we will kick off integrations on major platforms, beginning with Worldwide Webb | The original Web3 and more to follow.

CryptoPoofs aims to provide the community value through uniqueness, commitment and creativity. Just a few of the reasons to join, from the Founders:

  1. We’re not like the 99% of projects out there. We're committed to delivering as much ongoing value and utility as possible, so when the project is successful the community is too. That means more NFTs, drops, fun events, collabs, Web3 integrations, and utility for holders.
  2. We're passionate storytellers aiming to live on the frontier of emerging technology, building innovation while aiming to partner and collaborate with blue-chip communities. That means we're always going to push this project to do some really cool things.
  3. We want to have a fun community, we love science, crypto, and Web3. Scientific inspiration will always be part of the CryptoPoofs DNA.

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