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October 01, 2022 – October 08, 2022





The Fibmariner is the first Cryptolex from our collection of 7777 luxury hand-designed watches. There will be 1555 in total for this exclusive drop. The model's inspiration came from the Fibonacci trading method, hence the name Fibmariner. This model displays key market trading levels used in crypto on the face of the watch. There are 933 common models making up 60% of this collection, 466 rare models making up 30% of this collection, and 155 limited edition models making up 10% of this collection. The materials range from 14K & 18K White, Yellow and Rose Gold, Platinum as well as Stainless and Black Anodized Steel making up the bodies and accessories. The faces are a mixture of 14 of the most popular crypto currencies ranging across multiple blockchains. Common Fibmariner models come sporting blockchain bezels, paper accessories, and paper faces. These watches are compatible with any OpenGL Avatars and Metaverses. All instructions and tools will be available on for easy implementation on your favorite platform.

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