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February 01, 2022 – February 08, 2022





CryptoBirthdayCakes has blown past our 50% sale mark!

Over 210 cakes bought
150 cake owners
Floor price 0.025

Crypto Birthday Cakes are 366 uniquely generated NFT collectibles celebrated on the Ethereum Blockchain. One Crypto Birthday Cake per each day of the year. Here's our next few milestones! 

We have now reached our 50% sale mark and unlocked monthly giveaways happening on the 10 each month!

In 25 more cakes sold - A random owner gets a FREE custom cake (their own design)

In 39 more cakes (250 cake sale mark) - An owner gets $250 ETH

In 64 more cakes - Two owners get $250 ETH

In 90 more cakes (300 cake sale mark) - An owner gets $300 ETH

Note to NFTCalendar - we have verified on our site:

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