Crondos | The Metaverse for the Bored Ape Cronos Club

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June 30, 2022 – July 07, 2022


Ebisu’s Bay



A blend of real world utility and an interoperable meta-verse under development by BACC Labs. Imagine a web3-enabled virtual world where players own the world and millions can play together in real time.

Your Crondos entitles you to an equal share of land and will be yours to break ground and start building.

A total of 25,000 Crondos will be available. 781 Crondos will be exclusively reserved to OG BACC Holders. The rest will be distributed in the period of 10 rounds, with each round resulting in an acquisition of a physical real-estate asset.

You can buy a Crondos NFT Outright or take a loan, the first of it kind NFT Lending system. 



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