Cosmic Galactus

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September 06, 2022 – September 13, 2022





An nft with love , adventure and action packed story...

"Laura" a space traveller from planet "Kepler 452-b" known as (twin of earth because of its earth like characteristics), sets on a mission to visit "Earth" for detailed research on the "Great 5 elements" (pancha bhootas for sanskrit). Her goal was to know about the similarities between "Earth" & "Kepler 452- b" for a sustainable living on her planet. "Laura" gets herself exposed to few evil minded homo sapiens (humans) , those humans capture "Laura" and they take her to their laboratory for exploring her body. Unfortunately, "Laura" dies of intense torture caused by the evil people. Laura's love "Galactus", receives the news of her death. "Galactus" travels all the way 1800 light years to seek revenge of laura's death. "Galactus" kills every person involved in laura's death and destroys their whole organization and returns to his home "Kepler 452-b" with data of "Great 5 elements" ( pancha bhootas for sanskrit) collected by laura.

Tags: #art

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