Cool Pets Drop Rescheduled for January 31st

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January 31, 2022 – February 07, 2022






Cool Pets is a companion NFT series to coincide with the so much sought-after Cool Cats. The community has already seen examples of companion collections, like Bored Ape Kennel Club, Thingies, and more.

Such additions to the main collections help popular projects capitalize on demand and further expand their collector base.

The project seems to be going in a similar direction with their 20,000 Pets NFTs, 10K of which are reserved for current Cool Cats holders, and the other half is to drop on January 31 on OpenSea. Primarily, the collection had to drop earlier but due to the blog post saying “we reexamined the Cool Pets code and found an issue that we believe could negatively impact Pets minting,” the creators shifted the date for the latter one.

Cool Pets come in a variety of elemental types including Fire, Water, Air, and Grass. Moreover, they will be interactive, given the ability to go on quests and earn rewards via the Cool Cats Cooltopia.

Thus, Cool Pets are going to drop according to this schedule:

  • Jan 31st: Cool Cats claiming starts at 10 am EST with no end date.
  • Jan 31st/Feb 1st: Allow List minting starts at 11 am EST — runs for 24 hrs.
  • Feb 1st: Public Minting starts at 1 pm EST.

Are you in? Make notes in your calendars so as not to miss out on the Cool Pets drop!

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