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October 18, 2023 – October 25, 2023





The Cartoonistics are a collection of 100 Full Pictures that are a representation of humanity. Each picture is split into 9 puzzle pieces, and the Cartoonist has tasked you with reassembling the pieces. Alone the pieces don’t mean much, but together...

Once all the puzzles have been placed in Le Louvre and the Full Pictures are formed, the Cartoonist reaches out to holders and seeks their opinion on the next collection. Each contributor will own and receive passive royalty in the next collection, sharing it with the Cartoonist. That's 2.5% to you and 2.5% to me. Unlike any other "passive" income other projects seem to promise you.

This project is one-of-a-kind, the Cartoonist dares you to find anything even remotely similar. With its mint funds locked away for 370 days, automated refunds if the floor price falls below the mint price, KEEPING the NFT after refunds have been dished out to ensure profits, and guaranteed fairness in receiving the whitelist, it is sure to be a bluechip.

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