Business World Club

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November 07, 2022 – November 14, 2022





Business World Club (BWC) is a unique collection of over 10,000 NFT’s. BWC is based on the Ethereum web, composed of over 370 visual characteristics of different types and rarities, among which we have humans, rainbow people, livedead, and cyborgs. All the BWC avatars were created by an artist from the Kapteyn b Star, who included in the collection rare visual characteristics created by hand. BWC has over 2000 super strange NFT’s. BWC offers the development of fun, social, and commercial Metaverse where only the collectors will be able to have access to all the benefits of the BWC Club members. The Metaverse is planned to roll out to the community when it has reached the 100% of Roadmap 1.0. BWC will be for the economic, social, and personal growth of the community, and also for the token to disconnect from the real world and be able to relax, have fun, and learn within the virtual world.

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